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season Heilongjiang rectify snow home stay facility in advance

Date: 2018-11-25

The tourist season is about to enter winter, has repeatedly been linked to standardize the behavior of tourism is not in heilongjiang province to reshape the new image.On November 19, Beijing commercial daily reporter learned that, in heilongjiang province related departments launched for the morning snow merchants to check inside and outside of the scenic spot.Test results showed that more than 70 households snow has checked the hotel operators, has more than 30 did not reach the standard opening, appeared not in accordance with the requirements on insurance, not set emergency evacuation passageway, were asked to stop business operations for rectification.Since this year, represented by snow in heilongjiang province has launched including pre-dinner consumption confirm new policies, such as pulling the market image, but the growth of the local once savage tourism market still need to face a long road to specification.

Recently, have much snow in heilongjiang province, the local tourist season is about to enter winter, snow area will also be opened in the near future.According to introducing, inspection teams to snow area more than 200 homes, hotel operators to scrutiny from aspects of the health security, fire control, understand tourists three meals a day, travel cost, source of tourists, business households are asked to report every day schedule table, in addition to the core scenic area, check the wave will also extend to the two river and snow station, etc.

As the latitude of the highest provinces in our country, heilongjiang due to factors such as enrichment of ice and snow resources, tourist is growing rapidly, many years ago has become one of China's winter tourism popular destinations.Hot winter tourism market, however, still cannot cover up heilongjiang resorts, snow of chaos.After snow scenic spot has repeatedly been linked a guide to the ticket, the restaurant with me, the problem such as "rip off" home stay.Last November, heilongjiang is clear with "ha (Harbin) and the (yabuli) snow (snow) line" as the main line, the key area for Harbin, mudanjiang, to swim "unreasonable low price", forced shopping, illegal business to focus on problems, throughout the entire winter centrally.In January of this year, heilongjiang also announced blacklisted "rip off" problem of the hotel.At the end of September, heilongjiang bureau for policy, still ask tourist restaurant operators in addition to plain code marks a price, will also implement "before a meal consumption validation".